Music For Our Souls

by theboykev

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4 track EP

1. Na Na Na
2. dB On The Radio
3. I Like The Way
4. Song For......


released December 15, 2016

Produced, Arranged, Composed & Performed by theboykev.
Recorded at The Attic, UK.
Mixed and mastered by Harry Frank at Housefox Studios, Brookvale, Sydney, Australia.
Artwork by Mark Bithell.


all rights reserved



theboykev Liverpool, UK


Multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter.

Influenced by everything I've ever seen, heard, read and smelled.

I like biscuits.

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Track Name: Na Na Na
What’s up? How have you been?
Great to see you back again.
Got time, time for a chat?
Catch up on the this and that.

I heard you moved to L.A. to be a porn star
We could do a movie right here, I’ll work for free

Na Na Na

Hey Jack, what did you say?
Saving for a rainy day
Not me I’ve decided
How can you spend it when you’re dead?

Anyway, shall we forget the ten you owe me?
Come now, don’t be like that, drinks are on me

Na Na Na

My my, what we got here?
Let’s get a room and disappear
No, don’t go, hear what I say
I’m irresistible today

I bet later tonight you dream about me
So when you’re changing your mind I won’t be here

Na Na Na
Track Name: dB On The Radio
Alarm rings, turn it off, wake me up and get the coffee on.
Another day, another dollar, groundhog, where did we go wrong?
It’s been four straight days, one more, push it if I can,
Got one eye on the clock, and the other on the boss man.

The weeks end getting closer, I can see the light
We’re gonna party all through the night where we can,

Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up this song on the radio
Turn up the dB

Time’s up, thank God, grab the coat and get a wiggle on,
Meet the guys, greet the girls, which chick will be the lucky one?

I walk over give her all my best hip-hop moves
I’m gonna party I got nothing to lose and she says,

Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up this song on the radio
Turn up the dB

We’re gonna drink some weird beer tonight,
Hell, maybe even get in a drag queen fight.
Strip naked and order some chips instead,
Wake up in my best friend mothers bed.

Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB……
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up the dB on the radio
Turn up this song on the radio
Turn up the dB
Track Name: I Like The Way
When I think about you, I get confused,
I know that I’m not stupid, and I’m not very amused.
Feels like there’s something wrong, just out of place,
It’s on the tip of my tongue, when I see your face.

I like the way you always seem to care,
I like the way you always try to share
I like the way you stick it in the air
I like the way you never do what I like lately.

As the guilt inside of me, offers me the blame,
I’m a little mystified, to agreeing to play
Was it something I said to you? Was it something I’d done
Or was it something I didn’t do? How long has this gone on?

I like the way you’ve always got it planned
I like the way you try to understand
I like the way you use both your hands
I like the way you never do what I like with me

What the … I’m frustrated
I guess that’s just what you want

I like the way you close your eyes to kiss
I like the way you file your fingertips
I like the way you like to lick your lips
I like the way your never do what I like
I like the way you never spill a drop
I like the way you never want to stop
I like the way you always climb on top
I like the way you never do what I like
Try as I might lately.
Track Name: Song For....
You think you’re so special, and act like a Queen,
But I’ve had you figured out for a while now,
And you’re the worst that I’ve seen.

A self-centred scrounger, inspired by greed,
You’ve taken vile to a new level now,
You’re a real bad seed.

Why don’t you go away and return under the rock that you crawled out from,
And give your ego a rest, because at best its shadow blocks out my sun.

I’d argue you’re not flawless, but then you’d disagree,
You’d lie to your old man just to win the argument,
You’re morality free.

You’re so obsessed by the very thought of your reflection, it’s true.
And so conceited that you believe somebody wrote this song just for you.

Where does it come from? How can it be? This air of a God.
The truth is you’re not very tactile. Just vicious and mean.

Absolute zero, heart made of stone, you’re not worth my time.
Your soul must be black like the night sky, black with disease.

Have you no conscience, can you not see? The grief that you cause.
Have you considered your actions? It’s time to redeem.

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